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10 Common skincare Mistakes

The main fundamental mindset, among us, that we don't understand our skin enough. Therefore we think we need any miracle to solve our all skin-related issues. our skin is smarter than us, it does understand. What we give it in terms of skincare.

let's look into 10 major mistakes:-

1) Cleansing aggressively:- when we wash our face whether we have acne-prone skin, combination skin, or normal skin. We are not allowed to cleans our face so many times in a day. It affects our skin health and leads to flaky skin on the face. Most of us clean face for 10- 15 minutes at one particular time, keeping this thought in mind that it is purifying our face properly. Yes, it is cleaning your face but at the same time, it is taking away all the essential skin preparing components away from the skin.
This whole process is totally damaging our skin and breaking the skin barrier. It is really affecting our skin health.

Cleansing aggressively

Note: Most of the brands are promoting their products by giving directing to use it 30-40 minutes at one particular time. So be aware of them, they not gonna give you results only going to harm it.

2) Abusing the skin:- We often use cotton pads, wet wipes, and cleaning cloths to wipe out our faces. The common mistake we perform while using them is rubbing pad harshly all over the skin. It damages the skin barrier and takes out all the skin radiance away from the skin.
This process often results in skin issue which named Mild contact Dermatitis. This issue happens only when we rub something physically on the skin. People who have acne-prone skin Do not use these cotton pads at all because they can lead to acne burst.

Abusing the skin

Note: If you are using such cotton pads switch them with no exfoliating texture pads which need to be derived from real cotton and need to be soft which can absorb all the solution. Use it gently on your face.

3) Treating all skin areas equally:- It is not about using different products for our every skin area. it about some of the skin areas are very soft. we need to work gently on those areas. We need to understand the physiological differences. We should treat our skin delicately.
For this, we can go for Natural skincare to maintain our skin health. We need to pick natural skincare ingredients to make our own skincare DIY face pack or mask. we can use them only in those areas which produce more oil. You can avoid them applying all over the face. For example: If you have Acne-prone skin, you purchased a cream to remove your acne and you are applying it on your acne and all-over skin. You need to apply it one on your Acne-prone skin area.

Treating all skin areas equally

Note: if you are making your own natural skincare DIY face mask then make sure after application does not rub or exfoliate sensitive areas.

4) Using Much acne Medications:- If we have acne-prone skin, we no need to use acne medications or anti-acne products on daily basis. They might give you results but not after single usage or daily use. Try to use them on alternate days, so that they can properly absorb into the skin and start working. Our skin cells need time to understand the whole process.

Using Much acne Medications

5) Skipping Sunscreen:- Sunscreen is so much important for our skin health. It doesn't matter if you are at home or going outside, you should wear sunscreen on your skin. It makes a protective layer over the skin which protects skin from UVA or UVB rays. We often use sunscreen over our face only but we should apply it all over our exposed skin, which is not covered with cloths.

Skipping Sunscreen

For example: If we talk about Korean beauty secrets they people wear sunscreen all the long. they make their own natural sunscreen at home which fights skincare problems and maintain skin health.

6) Over exfoliation:- Excess exfoliation is not good for skin health. It opens up the unwanted pores of the skin and leaves Flaky skin on the face. It can make skin super dry or can cause Acne. Skin exfoliation is of two types.
1) Chemical exfoliation
2) Physical exfoliation
Chemical exfoliation can be done twice a week and Physical exfoliation can be done once a week

Over exfoliation

Note: If you are going with a physical exfoliator then go for the cream-based facial scrub, that contains oil that will not make your skin dry.

7) Using vitamin c every day:- vitamin c has a wide range of questions that force people very often to think if vitamin c good for the skin, how can use it on daily basis, Does vitamin c gives you naturally glowing skin. The answers to all questions are yes vitamin c works well on such skin-related issues. But we should not use vitamin c at an early age, our skin needs vitamin c only after the age of  25 before that we should not use vitamin c related products on the skin. There are major points which you should know about vitamin c. If you have Acne-prone skin you should not apply vitamin C, to your acne.  If you are using high concentrated vitamin c, so try a mix, that with natural aloe vera gel. it will help to minimize the concentration level.  

Using vitamin c every day

9) Wrong CTM order:- Moving forward we need to understand the meaning of CTM, cleaning, toning, moisturizing. We have to follow these 3 skincare steps correctly if we leave any of them, Your skin will not be ready to do make. these are the main makeup skin preps.

10) Wrong night skincare:- Do your night skincare routine 1/2 hour or 1 hour before going to bed, so that products can go into the skin. if you use them at the time of your sleep then your product might come on the pillow and it can cause germs.

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