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Do You Want To Make Your Lips Healthy

When we heard the word lips, what comes to our mind is that lips are related to our smiles. But our lips play a much more important role in our bodies. lips are the mirror of our body. lips signal savior health-related problems. Lips indicate, how your internal body system is working.

Let's looks at some amazing facts, that signify your healthy or unhealthy lifestyle, by looking at your lips condition only.

1) Dry lips:- Dry lips indicate the hydration level of your body. If you are not taking an adequate amount of water in a day, your lips condition can become dry and flaky. It happens due to lack of water our internal cells and our skin cells start getting dry, if our body internally getting dry that will result in bad skin and dry lips condition. A healthy lifestyle leads to healthy lips and beautiful lips.

Dry Lips by Organic Sparsh

2) Chapped lips:- Chapped lips problem occurs only when we have a deficiency of vitamin B2 and vitamin B3 in our body. This deficiency takes place when we do consume alcohol on daily basis, Or we have many usages of refined and processed food.

Chapped LIps by Organic Sparsh

3) Cracked lips corners:- This lips condition dermatologist named Angular cheilitis. This problem takes place due to the deficiency of vitamin B12, Zinc, Iron. in this situation body gets under these essential sources.

Cracked Lips by Organic Sparsh

We all want healthy lips and beautiful lips but are we taking care of them properly. Let's list down some easy lips care recipes

Homemade lips scrub:- These lip scrubs only take 5-7 minutes to be prepared at home. These will help you to exfoliate lips, remove dead skin to maintain healthy lips.

Lip Scrub by Organic Sparsh

- Coconut oil + honey
- Sugar + turmeric
- Coffee powders+ honey
- Honey + coconut oil

    These are the combination of natural ingredients which lead to natural lips. Maintain a good healthy lip care regime. All you have to do is pick any of the combinations to mix the ingredients well to get healthy lips.

    Homemade natural lip balm :- The lip balm available in the market is filled with chemicals and chemical-based colors. We need to understand the natural requirement of our lips. let's make natural lip balm at home by using very few ingredients.

    Homemade natural lip balm by Organic Sparsh

    - Coconut oil and beeswax
    - Shea butter + Kokum butter + beeswax
    - Turmeric powder + ghee + beeswax

      These butter are naturally derived and very essential for lips, all you need to do is heat any of the butter with the given ingredients list and make your lip balm at home.

      Homemade lip oil:- Lip oils are helpful to make your lips shiny and healthy. You can call them lips serum or lip oil. these are very easy to make. lip oils are available in the market at a very expensive price. let make our own lip oil at home.

      Lip Oil By Organic Sparsh

      - Orange juice + orange zest + castor oil + almond oil + coconut oil

        For this, you need to take 2 spoons of coconut oil + 1 spoon of almond oil heat both of the oil but covering the vessel lid for 10 minutes. After that add orange juice and orange zest into it. boil it again for a good 5-7 minutes by covering the lid, so that orange and easily get extracted. Transfer the oil mixture without straining it in a glass container. Add 1/2 spoon castor oil to it. shake well before use.

        5 steps to get natural lips:

        Hydrate your lips:- You can hydrate your lips by just drinking water

        Exfoliate your lips:- For the lips, exfoliation use any natural, chemical-free lips scrub. Many options are available in the market, Otherwise, you can make your own at home in just 2-3 minutes.

        Apply lip mask:- For lips mask you can just 1 spoon of fresh cream or malai. Apply a thin layer all over your lips rub gently for 3-4 minutes leave it for 5 minutes. Then wipe it off with help of a soft cloth.

        Apply natural lip balm:- You can go for any natural lip balm. Most of the good brands are selling them, they are 100% natural lip balm. You can make your own at home.


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