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How to find the best Lip Balm for Dry and Dark Lips?

lip Darkness and lip pigmentation is a very common problem that affects a lot of people. We all want soft, rosy pink lips. But it's very hard to find out the perfect nourishing and good lip balm, and if we find it then it would be an elixir. An idol lip balm needs to be hydrating, natural, no added color and wax-free. There are a lot of options in lip balm are available in the market nowadays. Many brands are selling them at a very high price. The ingredients which have used in that particular lip balm plays a vital role.
Many companies claim that their lip balm can make lip pink after one use only, but the truth is this any natural lip balm will not give you results in one usage or two. Natural things need to be used on regular basis for better results.

Lip Balm by Organic Sparsh

Let us discuss some benefits of using organic and natural lip balms.

Natural lip balm protects you from UV rays
Cure your dry and chapped lips
Cure your Dark lips and remove pigmentation
Removes your dead skin

Examples of raw ingredients need to be in an Idol natural lip balm.
Shea butter
Mango Butter
Kokum butter
castor oil
Almond oil
coconut oil

If you are facing the issue of dark lips dry lips then don't worry we have a perfect solution for you. Organic Sparsh manufactures 100% organic and natural lip balms, which are totally handmade, away from all nasty chemicals. We have a wide range of lip balm which has all lip problems solution. Organic Beetroot glow lip balm is made up of natural beetroot extract, and organic dried beetroot powder. Beetroot has its own benefits related to providing a natural glow. It has peppermint oil also just to provide your lips with a calming experience and cure your lip wounds. Beetroot removes darkness from lips and provides you with naturally pink lips if you use it on daily basis. A Glossy Strawberry lip balm provides you with a colorless shiny glossy tint on your lips. Bubble Pink lip balm has a good bubblegum flavor which will remind you of your childhood memories. Coco Vanilla Lip Balm is a pure edible lip balm that is totally safe if you swallow it by mistake.

Some newly launched flavors of our organic lip balms:
Mango Lush lip balm is infused with mango extract/ mango pulp and combined with mango butter.
Kiwi Punch lip balm has vitamin c properties which help lighten up lips naturally.
Hydrating Melon lip balm and Berry Blast lip balm are best for summers. As these 2 are the summers fruits.

Hydrating Melon Lip Balm

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