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Is Your Skin Hydrated?

What do you think when it comes to skin hydration? The answer which our minds give us is hydration means something related to water whether is for the inner body or outer skin. If your skin is not hydrated, it may appear flaky, dull and dry.
It's true if you drink an adequate amount of water your skin glow internally. Nowadays people often get confused between dehydrated skin with dry skin. Although the symptoms of dry skin and dehydrated skin different to each other

Let's discuss some major difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin
Normally skin can be dry if it has a lack of oil or we can say when our body does not hold a specific amount of oil. This the situation where your skin becomes dry.
Dehydrated skin is only when you are not providing your skin with a proper amount of water, or you are not keeping your skin hydrated by using some products related to this.

Symptoms for dry skin :
skin tightness after taking a bath
Cracks on skin

Symptoms for Dehydrated skin.
Skin dullness
Dry mouth and lips
Dark circles / puffy eyes

Some products are available in the market which can help you to get get rid of these both problems.

Fresh Cucumber Gel this gel is made of fresh cucumber extract, olive oil, glycerine, Tulsi oil, Green tea extract, Cucumber leaf juice. These all ingredients have a good amount of water content they all are natural hydrating items if you use them on the skin they will hydrate the skin and lock skin moisture also.

Cucumber Gel by Organic Sparsh

Cucumber Body Yogurt is the lightest water body yogurt which is water-based and specially made for skin hydration and dry skin issues It is made up of cocoa butter, cucumber extract, glycerine, cucumber oil + Neem and cucumber fragrance oil, Vitamin A and vitamin E. These all ingredients will help you to retain moisture on our skin for good 5-6 hours provide you hydration which helps you to remove your wrinkles and fine line.

Cucumber Body Yogurt by Organic Sparsh

Aloe Cucumber Distilled Water this water is made up of the purest method which is distillation. It is hydrating and moisturising facial toner made to provide your skin with a good healthy boost of nourishment and radiance. it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm the skin.

Aloe Cucumber Distilled Water By Organic Sparsh

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