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Must-Have Moisturizing Lip Balms To Cure Chapped Lips


Organic Sparsh Moisturizing Lip Balm


Searching for the chapped or flaky lips remedies? Want hydrated, moisturized, and soft lips? Want faster healing and UV protection for your lips? Well, Lip Balm is one-stop for all your questions. Don’t get lost in the hues of the lip balm market that potentially creates confusion rather than choice. The organic lip balms contain moisturizing nutrients and they are chemical-free which are ideal to use.

Here are some best moisturizing lip balms at an affordable price range enriched in Vitamin E, shea butter, cocoa butter, and Vitamin C. If you want to make your lips soft, hydrated, and want to get rid of scaly peckers, chapped lips then you must try these 4 handmade, vegan and organic lip balms.

1. Lip Glow With Beetroot

It’s high time to say goodbye to lip darkening with this Organic beetroot glow lip balm. It contains ingredients like shea butter, peppermint, and beetroot extract which contain antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. The beetroot gives a magical effect in removing the black pigmentation of lips caused by using lip products containing chemicals. It also keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized.


Organic beetroot lip balm



2. Tint With Lip Care

Tired of finding dry or scaly lips remedy? Check, this bubble pink lip balm to get rid of chapped lips. It also contains the nourishing nutrient Vitamin E which boosts blood circulation and promotes new cell regeneration turning your lips softer, intensely hydrated, and moisturized. 


Organic Bubble pink lip balm tint



3. Cocoa Vanilla Transcends

Stop suffering from cracked and sore lip problems with cocoa vanilla lip balm. Its essence and flavor is incredible. It contains cocoa butter which has emollient properties that supply and retain moisture on your lips. The vanilla extract soothes your lips and keeps it hydrated and moisturized all day long.


Organic Sparsh Cocoa Vanilla lip balm



4. Into The Strawberry Gloss

This glossy strawberry lip balm instantly hydrates and moisturizes your lips and gives you a sweet strawberry flavour. The strawberry contains Vitamin C which removes dead skin cells and makes your lips softer and moisturized. It contains the benefits of SPF which protect your lips from harmful UV rays. It repairs cracks, redness, and dryness of lips.


Natural Strawberry glossy lip balm



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