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Soak Up Benefits and Uses of Bath Salts



There are many things which you can add in your bathwater, but one of the broad certainty which you can add in your bathwater is Bath Salt

Bath salts are water-soluble granulated minerals that are adding to your bathwater. Bath salts resemble the property of experiencing a hot spring or natural mineral baths. Its composition includes the ingredients which are skin-friendly and skin effective Epsom salt(replenishes the deficiency of magnesium in the skin and muscles ), essential oils, baking powder, and natural oils.

Benefits Loaded In Bath Salts

Scientifically, when you soak your body in water for a while then your skin is quite absorptive in nature and as long your soaking time will be then more will be the absorptive nature of the skin. So, don’t put chemicals that harm your skin in your bath water and use only organic products that nature has offered you to maintain your beauty and glow.

Adding bath salt in warm water to take bath or to soak your feet soaks that mineral into the bloodstream which maintains cellular balance in the entire body. The benefits of bath salts in our daily life:

  • Soothe sore muscles and henceforth soothes pain
  • Moisturizes Skin and detoxify pollutants
  • Reduces stiffness, anxiety, and stress
  • Helps to improve immunity and maintain the acid-base level
  • Boost Circulatory and nerve functions
  • Reduces Eczema and Insomnia

Must-Have Best Bath Salts 

There is a wide range of bath salts nowadays where each one has its own benefits. Here are we with some top recommended bath salts everywhere with their properties:

1. Lemon Peel Bath Salt

It is made up of lemon zest and lemongrass rich in citric acid which gives you a relaxing and refreshing feel. It acts as a stress buster. Rich in antioxidants. It removes the dead cells and henceforth detoxifies your skin. 100% Organic Bath salt. It cleanses your skin and moisturizes it. The essence of this bath salt gives you a refreshing lemon feel.















Organic handmade Lemon peel bath salt


2. Aromatic Rose Bath Salt

This bath salt contains infused rose leaves along with the mixture which gives you pleasant smell and soothing effects. It reduces stress, improves blood circulatory function, and has antiseptic properties. This 100% organic refreshing bath salt is also a powerful detoxifier.


Organic handmade Aromatic Rose bath salt



3. French Lavender Bath Salt

A bath in 100% organic and natural French Lavender Bath Salt is a therapeutic bath soak. It contains antifungal properties that soothe your skin and keep it hydrated. Helps in reducing eczema and insomnia like diseases. Helps you to stay active and energetic. It detoxifies your skin and cleanses your skin.


Organic handmade French Lavender bath salt



Direction Of Bath Salt Usage

Most people resemble bath salt with luxury and a fancy expensive spa. Well, no need to worry about fancy techniques of Spa. It can be used for manicure, pedicure purposes as well.

  • Add two tablespoons of any bath salt in the bathtub, bucket, or bowl as per your requirement and purpose of use.
  • Soak your body, hand, or feet in it for 15-20 min and get a relaxing feel.
  • If you want to exfoliate your knees, feet, and elbow then gently rub the surface with a washcloth
  • Use it once in 15 days

As everything has advantages as well as disadvantages. So, use this product in the right quantity in order to avoid side effects. For the manicure, pedicure purposes use only two tablespoons of bath salt and for bathing purposes, you can use four tablespoons. In case of any allergy avoid its usage.

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“After a hectic day, relaxing your feet in hot water with bath salt feels soo soothing.. Recently brought this amazing jasmine bath salt from Essence of earth, Do checkout.


Loved the blog, "After a hectic day, relaxing your feet in hot water with bath salt feels soo soothing.. Recently brought this amazing jasmine bath salt from Essence of earth, Do checkout."


I love what you said bout bath salts reducing eczema and insomnia! In the summer and fall, I suffer from terrible eczema that I am always trying o combat. I have never tried bath salts, but I definitely think they would be worth a go!

Eve Mitchell

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