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Top 4 Best Chemical Free Face Wash For all Skin Types

Are you looking for chemical-free face wash as well as Organic face wash? If yes, then you are at a perfect place. We all are aware of harmful chemicals and pollution. There are many brands selling various kinds of face wash. Face wash plays a vital role in daily skincare, but it is very important to make a wise choice when it comes to your skincare. Facewash that is available in the market they are not chemical-free, and lots of preservatives added to that such as parabens for increase the shelf life of that products, SLS and sulphates are to form the lather in a face wash or other bathing essentials. Most of the companies commit you that their product is natural and chemical-free. In reality, their products are made up of harmful chemicals which might damage your skin quality. There are very few brands available in the town that serves the premium quality of chemical free face wash and Organic Face wash.

Qualities that needs to be in an Organic face wash

Organic Face wash has to be prepaid with mild ingredients that can help to soothe your skin. There are a lot of ayurvedic and organic ingredients available which is connected to our roots and free from all nasty chemicals. Here is the list of some organic face wash making ingredients, which are Ancient and Comes in the ayurvedic category. If any of the facewash has these organic Ingredients, then it can be a good option in face wash.

Aloe vera has inflammatory properties which fight with many skin problem. This mostly suits any skin type. Aloe vera is a powerful antioxidant. And anti-ageing properties.

Charcoal works as a natural exfoliator that takes outs all the dirt from the skin. It is a suitable combination skin type.

Multani mitti is the oldest and calmest ingredient which our Dadi Nani used to apply on the face as well as hairs. It makes you look younger by reducing wrinkles.

Honey has antibacterial and moisturizing properties, Which provide radiance to the skin. Coffee helps in reducing the puffiness from the face.

Top 4 Chemical free face wash and organic face wash

All of these face washes are a combination of natural, organic, ayurvedic. All of these are totally Chemical-free. These are different from all those face washes available in the market.

1) Organic Sparsh's Honey & Coffee Face Wash

Skin Type- All skin types

This is no doubt one of the best chemical-free facewash. This face wash is made up of Raw coffee beans and premium organic honey. It has anti-pollution and complexion improving properties.

Premium botanical ingredients are infused in this face wash for superior extra nourishment. The key ingredient used in this organic face wash is Raw coffee beans extract, Raw organic Honey, Aloe vera gel, Coffee distilled water, coffee-infused oil, Vitamin E, Coffee powder.

If we talk about its pricing, It a very much affordable. This organic face wash is available in 3 sizes, 60Ml, 100Ml, 200Ml.

Benefits of using Organic Sparsh's Honey and coffee natural face wash.

1) Made up with natural Raw organic Honey

2) Used Premium quality Coffee beans

3) Provide 5-6 hours protection from damage

2) Organic Sparsh's Multani Mitti Face Wash

Skin Type- All skin type

Organic Sparsh's Multani mitti organic and chemical-free face wash is just the purest form of natural components, which is combined with the formulation of our Dadi Nani's Home Remedies. The best part of this organic face wash is that you can feel the real texture of Multani mitti in this, it has a very mild fragrance of white sandalwood powder. If we talk about its benefits, it works well on acne scars, removes tan, and gives you a smooth skin tone. work wonders on pigmentation and blemishes. This face wash has antiseptic properties.

Benefits of Buying Organic Sparsh's Multani mitti chemical-free facewash 

1) Affordable in Price

2) Clinically tested

3) Organic Sparsh's Activated charcoal face wash

Skin Type- Combination to Oily skin

If you have extremely oily skin or your skin releases oil after a single wash. Then, your skin needs this face wash. This chemical-free/ organic face wash is made up of the goodness of Green Tea, Tulsi and activated charcoal. These herbs help in the fight against pollution and keeps your skin fresh all day long. Activated charcoal Face Wash is 100% Chemical free and handmade. 

It takes out all the impurities like dirt, pollution and oil from your skin. It is a natural chemical free detox for our skin. This detox face wash comes with the richness of activated charcoal, which acts as a deep cleanser that is best for taking out all the impurities.

Key ingredients- Activated charcoal, neem extract, Tea tree oil, Tulsi oil, aloe vera, vitamin E.

Benefits of using Organic Sparsh's activated coconut shell charcoal chemical-free facewash 

1) Suitable for both men and women

2) Infused with Coconut shell Charcoal Powder

3) Cruelty-free

4) Organic Sparsh's Aloe Vera face wash

Skin type- All skin type

Aloe vera is one of the best skin-friendly gifts by our nature. It goes for all skin types, whether sensitives, oily, dry, combination or normal. You can blindly trust this nature's natural gift. It is the most used ingredient in skincare. As it’s a ubiquitous skin care component, sometimes it becomes hard to find out the organic and the natural. In terms of chemical-free face wash and organic face wash, Organic Sparsh provides you with 100% naturally driven aloe vera chemical-free face wash. It hydrated skin so well, has antibacterial properties which fight skin issues. It preserves the skin’s moisture, maintain PH balance and revitalizes skin.


Benefits of using Organic Sparsh's Pure Aloe vera chemical-free facewash 

1) It is 100% Organic face wash

2) Sulphate-free and Paraben-free

3) No added colours. It's all transparent

4) Suitable for all skin types

5) Completely plant-based/ vegan and handmade


Best time to use organic Facewash 

We all agree that using a facewash is one of the most important parts of our daily skincare routine. According to dermatologists, you are washing your face twice a day or more than thrice in a day is sufficient.

In these situations, you can use Organic Sparsh's Chemical free face washes.

1) Use face wash after waking up 

After waking up in the morning, sometimes our skin realizes oil, so the next day in the morning, we have to clean that extra and unwanted oil from our skin. In this, you can use Organic Sparsh's Activated charcoal chemical-free face wash. 

2) Use after working out 

After a workout, our skin realizes sweat which can create germs and other skin problems if we don't clean our face after a workout. In this, you can go for Organic Sparsh's Multani Mitti organic face wash

3) Wash your face before going to bed 

After a hectic day, we all want a soothing and fresh feel in our skin. The best option in this situation is Aloe vera organic and chemical-free face wash.

4) After swimming in the pool

If you had taken a bath in a swimming pool, then it's mandatory to wash your face with a gentle face wash because swimming pool water has chemicals in it that can react to the skin. So right after the pool bath, wash your face properly with Honey and coffee organic face wash


Things To Be Consider When Buying an Organic Face Wash


1) Read the Ingredients properly

it is imperative to check all the ingredients or read the ingredients mentioned on the product. Try to go with natural and organic ingredients like neem, tulsi, citrus extracts, aloe vera, honey, charcoal, Coffee, Multani mitti. If you are allergic to any of the products mentioned, the product doesn't buy it. Avoid those face washes that contain parabens, sulphates and other nasty chemicals.


2) Check all the Reviews given on social platforms to make sure that you buy them wisely. It can help to make a good choice.


3) Compare the Cost of the product with the other one. 

A good product might be a little expensive because natural things this has been used in that. But decide things after reading the ingredients correctly.


4) Shelf Life of the product is equally very much needed to make a good choice. Wheater this product has manufactured recently or not, what's the expiry. Everything matters a lot.


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