About Us

Organic Sparsh is an organic and handmade skincare brand. We don't use a single percentage of machinery; everything is handmade here. From manufacturing to packing. Our products are tested and certified. Suitable for all skin types from normal to combination skin. Any of our products are not tested on the animal; they are totally vegan and cruelty-free. We have a wide range of handmade organic skincare products like Bathing salts, handmade organic soaps, Facial gels, Body yogurts, Face packs, lip balms, Raw herbal powders. We are using the glass jars container for our products, just to keep them environment friendly. Every jar or contains ours is reusable. 

Our Manufacturing process

From manufacturing to finished products, our everything goes through many stages of the test, first, we manufacture products in a small batch then we place all of them in 3 different places like 1 in Normal temperature, 2nd in hot temperature, 3 in cold temperature. We keep them for 7 days there. After 7 days we sent our samples to the lab. Once the product comes from testing. After that, we manufacture products for the coming 10 days only, after we remanufacture accordingly. 
The products you get from Organic Sparsh are freshly made and packed with every measure to protect the products from any kind of virus or harmful chemicals. 

Our Vision / Mission 

Our vision is to provide the finest and the best quality of handmade skincare products. We want to take that time back when we used to use that skincare which our Grandma used to give us the products or home remedies which were totally organic, natural and made us of real ingredients which were chemical-free. Our mission is to provide the 100% authentic products at a very affordable and reasonable price which everyone can afford.