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Almond Body Yogurt

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Almond body Yogurt is made up of Almond milk and Cold-pressed almond oil. The extract of almond and almond milk helps to give your skin proper nourishment in a natural way. It Is the quickest absorbing and lightweight method that leads you to healthy and happy skin in all seasons. 

Benefits: Relieves dryness instantly, Absorbs instantly,  Deep moisture, All-season cream, Nonsticky


-100% Organic & Cruelty-Free body yogurt 

-Paraben and sulfate-free 

-Suitable for both men and women

-Ideal for all skin type 

-contains 50g and 250g 

Ingredients- Almond oil, almond powder, almond milk, almond essential oil, sweet almond oil, Almond shell powder, Kokum Butter.

How to use: Apply to damp skin straight after showering for skin that feels smoother and never sticky. 1-2 drops are enough to give a perfect blend. Apply as needed to rough or chapped areas. Enjoy the difference! Store it in a cool place, keep it away from sunlight. 

Caution: Perform a patch test before use. 


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