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Honey and oatmeal Soap

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Honey oatmeal soap is made up of organic oats and honey it has so many nourishing properties and it does wonders for your skin. Oatmeal soap is an excellent way to cleanse not only the face but also the entire body. Its rich lather makes it an ideal skin cleanser. It provides nourishment for the skin, as well as soothing protection against harsh weather conditions.

Benefits:- Exfoliates The Skin Naturally
Great In Treating Dark Circles
Moisturizes Your Skin
Acne Treatment


-100% Organic & Cruelty Soap

-Paraben and sulphate free

-Suitable for both men and women

- Removes pigmentation  

-Contains 100g

-Handmade soap 

Ingredients: Oats powder, Oats milk, Organic Raw honey, Milk powder, coco butter. 

Disclaimer: Slight variations in color, quantity, and spread of exfoliant may occur.
Do a patch test before use.
Keep the soaps in a dry and cold place.


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